Tomás Enrique Dozier Zahner
Community Coordinator
Geology (Occidental College, California)
Secondary Matha and Science Education (Holy Names University)
International Development  (Eastern University). Educator for past 24 years and fanatic of Gallo Pinto, Cafe Chorreado, tortillas palmeadas, and chilero.

Chelsea Dozier
Media and Education Coordinator
Comparative Literature and Psychology (Occidental College)
Spanish (Spanish Language Institute)
Lay Counseling  (Family Ministries and First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley)
English professor/instructor for 15 years. Homeschool mother of three wonderful children, trilingual, aerobics instructor, enjoys playing violin.

Angela Anthony
International Development Coordinator
B.A in Political Science (Eastern University)
M.A in International Development (Eastern University).
I love Indie Folk Music, Hard Rock, Chipotle, Thai Food, and hot sauce. The hotter the better. I love riding horses, playing tennis, Madea movies and naps. I have two incredible sisters, 2 awesome parents and the grandest Beagle in the entire world named Willow. All of these are the essentials. 

Emily Price
Program Coordinator and English Teacher
B.A. in Cross-Cultural Christian Ministries, Minor in TESOL (Messiah College). English Teacher at Vida Nueva Iglesia in Alajuela, Costa Rica. I love dogs (especially my beautiful goldens Jack and Rose), iced coffees, and random spontaneous adventures. My favorite place in the world is the beach. In my free time, I enjoy reading, watching movies, and spending time with my family and friends! Pura Vida!