Tomás Enrique Dozier Zahner
National Director
Geology (Occidental College, California),
Secondary Math and Science Education (Holy Names University), International Development (Eastern University). Educator for past 24 years and fanatic of Gallo Pinto, Cafe Chorreado, tortillas palmeadas, and chilero.

 Katie Liming
Environmental Science (University of Delaware). Will talk your ear off about carbon management systems. Would rather be outside hiking, running and exploring. I love cooking, baking, and asking you questions about your life.

Sebastián de la Ossa Fonseca
Creation Care 
Director and Biologist 
Biology (University of Costa Rica, U.C.R.) Bio-crazy, born in Costa Rica, from San Jose but feels like San Rafael de Vara Blanca is my true home. I love the mountains, the beach, listening to music and eating. I belong to the Secular Franciscan Order "we are going to reconstruct our common house that- as you know- we have ruined it". Serve God at all times.


Chelsea Dozier
Media and Education Director
Comparative Literature and Psychology (Occidental College), Spanish (Spanish Language Institute),
Lay Counseling  (Family Ministries and First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley). Educator for the past 15 years, mother of three wonderful children, trilingual,enjoys health, exercise, and writing.

Justin Rickey

International Coordinator
B.A. in Anthropology (University of Texas at Arlington), B.A. in History (University of Texas at Arlington), M.A. in Education (University of Texas at Arlington).  Educator for the past 6 years, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Madagascar), and avid traveler.  I love experiencing new places, learning about their cultures, and eating new foods.

Yun Nam Esther Won
Prayer Ministry
Graduate from Ewha University, Seoul, South Korea with a degree Social Work. Completed DTS and DBS University of the Nations in Hawaii. Esther is passionate about prayer, seeing God's healing, and counseling others about personal physical care through diet and health.