Sample Environmental Science Trip Schedule
Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7
Theme for dayTravel to CRIntroductionMountain Watershed TourUrban Watershed TourAcademic UnderstandingTourism/Enjoy Costa RicaDebrief/Travel to USA
Breakfast7:00 @ Shalom7:00 @ Shalom8:30 @ Shalom6:00 @ Shalom7:00 @ Shalom7:00 @ Shalom
Morning I
Travel to Costa Rica
Regional introduction to the area
Rainforest Watershed Tour and Evaluation
Urban Watershed Impact Tour and Evaluation
Talk with University of Costa Rica Environmental Science Professors in San Jose
Travel to Arenal VolcanoMorning Debrief
Break Break TimeIguanas Tour
Morning IICultural Training and Survival SpanishRope SwingTravel down the Mountain to the Airport
Lunch12:00 @ Shalom12:00 @ ShalomPicnic LunchLunch in Central MarketLunch on the road12:00 @ ShalomSJO
Afternoon IArrival to Costa RicaLocal Farm Tour/Environemental Biology DiscussionLa Paz Waterfall GardensView other Urban Sites and community organizations
Meeting Universidad Nacional professors and students (Heredia)
Arenal Lake
Travel Back to the United States
BreakBreak TimeBreak TimeBreak TimeBreak TimeWildlife Drive
Afternoon IITravel up to San Rafel de PoasPersonal timeTalk with regional supervisorsMeetings with urban watershed managementArenal Hot Spring's
Dinner6pm Shalom6pm Shalom6pm Shalom6pm Shalom6pm ShalomDinner at La Fortuna
EveningDialogue: First insights/House Rules, Expectations for the WeekDialogue: CultureDialogue: Watershed SourcesDialogue: Urban Impact on WatershedsDialogue: Academic Work on WatershedsTravel Back to Shalom

                                            Sample Community and Art Development Schedule
Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8
Date: May7891011121314
Breakfast7:00 @ Casa Shalom7:00 @ Casa Shalom7:00 @ Casa Shalom7:00 @ Casa Shalom7:00 @ Casa Shalom8:30 @ Casa Shalomon road
Regional introduction to the area
Tour of San Jose, Art Museums, Local Architecture
Arenal VolcanoePoas Volcano National ParkCoffee Tour
Church Service in Alajuela 10am
Subsistance Farm Tour
Cultural Training and Survival SpanishPineapple Plantations, export agriculture, sugar cane productionVolcanology and developing world agricultureCollabortive Art Projects with the local School
Lunch12:00 @ Casa Shalom12:00 @ Casa Shalomon road12:00 @ Casa Shalom12:00 @ Casa Shalom12:00 @ Casa ShalomPicnic, valley overview12:00 @ Casa Shalom
Afternoon 1-3pmArrive at 1:00 to SJO AirportLocal Farm TourLaguna HuleExplore Volcanic Biology in Volcanic CraterEarthquake and river hikeCollaborative Art Projects with the local SchoolFarmers market in AlajuelaPineapple Production
Afternoon 3-5pmTravel up to Vara BlancaPersonal timeArrive back homeRope Swings, and Hot SpringsLost City TourPersonal TimePersonal TimeTravel Back to Vara Blanca
Dinner6pm Casa Shalom6pm Casa Shalom6pm Casa Shalom7pm Dinner in La Fortuna6pm Casa Shalom6pm Casa Shalom6pm Casa Shalom7pm Dinner in La Fortuna
EveningDialogue: First insightsDialogue: CultureDialogue: Culture #2Dialogue: Large scale agri-businessDialogue: Environmental contextualizationDialogue: Labor and productionDialogue: Day of restDialogue: Small scale agri-business