Host Families/Living Locations:

Upon committing to serve with ADE, suitable living arrangements will be made for you within Vara Blanca, San Rafael, Alajuela Centro or another one of the surrounding towns. As part of its development model, ADE strives to live among the people it serves as part of the community in every regard. Therefore, full-time staff should expect to be assigned to living situations that reflect local housing conditions. We have had staff living with immigrants, upper and lower economic status, and in rural and urban contexts. The relationship between ADE and hosts is super important as families and communities are local stakeholders in our projects. More details will be arranged upon completion of application and acceptance after the interview process.

Sustained Position:

If you commit to work with ADE for a year or more, you are considered an ADE associate. Working with ADE is not a paid position, but a sustained position. What we mean by that is, you will not be making any money while you are living and working with us in Costa Rica, but you won't be expected to spend money out of your own pocket either. You will be supplied housing and food through a host family in the area. We supply a small stipend of around $100 a month that covers things like transportation and food, as well as things like coffee runs, occasional movies, toiletries, etc. Most of our staff are international workers and live with locals as it is an incredible way to become accustomed to a new culture. 

Commitment to Christ:

We are an organization whose main purpose is to serve Christ in all we do. We are humble people just trying to make a local impact in our community but all of it is in vain, if we are not doing the work Christ calls us to. We regularly spend time during our work day in prayer, seeking out the will of God and growing together in fellowship. It is important to us that members of our team feel an affirmed calling by God to come serve in Costa Rica with ADE. We would love to hear how you've encountered Christ and God's calling in your life. 

Current Opportunities:

/ Education Teacher 
The Language and Education teacher would have a specific role in working alongside local communities and with our church to provide access to necessary educational needs to the community. The services  provided could be: teaching English, private tutoring, working in a local primary or secondary school as an English, Art or Science teacher or whatever is needed during that time.

Organic Agriculture Coordinator
Set up an organic farming and gardening program to help make self-sustaining communities and help to document the area's biodiversity in order to allow for transformational development. Develop and implement educational features on the ADE organic farm to transform it into a teaching and research farm.
Discipleship and Outreach Coordinator
Serve as spiritual advisor and discipleship mentor to the ADE community. Work alongside churches to develop a healthy and comprehensive Christian discipleship in local areas.
Marketing and Development Coordinator
Assist ADE in creating a comprehensive marketing plan for our various programs and activities or for small businesses in the local community.
Web Design and Community Education Coordinator
Manage and develop ADE’s website and technology assets. Work with students in the school or others in the community to develop practical technology and computer skills that will benefit the community.
Youth Programs Coordinator
Work with the local Protestant church to minister to local high school and middle school students. There are currently few opportunities to build the area's future leaders, but the youth have incredible potential for development.
National Director for Ecological Protection (NDEP)
The NDEP position works with community and national leaders to promote Creation Care practices in the surrounding communities where ADE works primarily through the development of a Biological Corridors (promoting species migration and habitat growth), as well as growing the organic agriculture production that ADE already has. The NDEP would also work on developing the Center for Sustainable Studies.

Watershed Rejuvenation and Management Coordinator (WRMC) 
Similar to the NDEP position the WRMC position will focus on working alongside community and national leaders to promote Creation Care practices in the surrounding communities where ADE works, with the intention of expanding into different communities in Costa Rica. This position is however specifically focused on Watershed management in a country that sadly boasts the title of having the dirtiest rivers in Central America. The WRMC would also work alongside the rest of the ADE staff members to work on developing the Center for Sustainable Studies.

Open Career
Do you have a specific skill set that you're interested in using in the context of ADE and this community?   Due to the extent of the earthquake and the corresponding needs of the community, there is much work to be done. Contact us to discuss other innovative ideas and design your own career.

Positions with ADE offer growth in project development, project management, and missions experience, assisting the growth of the Costa Rican national church and abroad. Ideally we are looking for commitments of two years or more and there is a one year evaluation period where we jointly evaluate the work and His calling. All ADE staff come as they are and live simply.

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