Don’t just sit in a cube. 
Make the world your office.
Intern with ADE in Costa Rica, gaining great experience, while making a lasting difference in the local community.

What makes an ADE internship different?
  • An internship with ADE allows you to use your education, gifts and skills in a hands on way to make a long term impact on a community in need. Within the internships listed below, we work with you to make your experience the most useful it can be for you, your future, and for the local community in Costa Rica.
  • During your internship, you will have the opportunity to live with a host family and work with the local community that you will be impacting. You will get to see the difference you make and come to know those in need through real personal connections.
  • As an organization doing fresh, new, and innovative development work, you will not only be able to be a part of something radical, but also able to make a huge impact on the projects here in Costa Rica.
What We Offer:
  • 1-11 month (or anywhere in between) internship specialized to your skill set
  • Internship costs cover room and board, in-country transportation, and project supervision by ADE
  • Cultural Immersion and homestay with a local family
  • Valuable experience using your education, gifts and skills to benefit a community in need
  • A chance to make a long term difference in the education and lives of others
  • Possible college credit (we will be glad to work with you to get college credit if available through your university)

Current Opportunities
  • Academic Programs / Teaching Internship: Help create, implement, and evaluate innovative academic programs while teaching in the local community.
  • Ecological Protection Internship: This internship position works with the community ans national leaders to promote Creation Care practices in the surrounding communities where ADE works primarily through the development of Biological Corridors (promoting species migration and habitat growth), as well as growing the organic agriculture production that ADE already has. 
  • Watershed Rejuvenation and Management Internship: Similar to the Ecological Protection position, this position will focus on working alongside community and national leaders to promote Creation Care practices in the surrounding communities where ADE works, with the intention of expanding into different communities in Costa Rica.  This position is however specifically focused on watershed management in a country that sadly boasts the title of having the dirtiest rivers in Central America.  
  • Sustainable Ecology and Agricultural Internship: Set up an organic farming and gardening program to help make self-sustaining communities and help to document the area's biodiversity in order to allow for transformational development. 
  • Environmental Justice Internship: Costa Rica has the dirtiest river in Central America and many environmental conflicts are arising in this area. This is an issue of justice that needs to be attended to in order to protect one of the world's most diverse biological systems.
  • Community Sports Internship: Assist in the formation and implementation of an inter-village athletic league that promotes healthy values and academic success as the core values.
  • Food Cooperative Internship: Help manage, expand, and ensure maximum effectiveness in the creation and implementation of a community food cooperative, training local community members in sound business practices that will benefit the larger community. 
  • Government Transparency Internship: Help advocate for right and just practices, helping governments transform policy and encouraging greater transparency to allow designated development efforts to come to fruition.
  • International Academic Networking Internship: Connect current ADE local development efforts with higher academic institutions allowing for a mutually beneficial relationship that empowers the local community.
  • Marketing Internship: Assist ADE in creating a comprehensive marketing plan for our various programs and activities or for small businesses in the local community.
  • Media/Graphic Design Internship: Use media and graphic design to train the local community for employment possibilities while also assisting ADE with different projects that will aid in program implementation.
  • Micro-enterprise Internship: Help community members to found and market micro-enterprise or small business ventures using the resources and skills that are currently available to them.
  • Youth Ministry Internship: Work with the local Protestant church to minister to local high school and middle school  students. There are currently few opportunities to build the area's future leaders, but the youth have incredible potential for development.
  • Open Internship: Do you have a specific skill set that you're interested in using in the context of ADE and this community?  Due to the extent of the earthquake and the corresponding needs of the community, there is much work to be done. Contact us to discuss other innovative ideas and design your own internship.

Contact us at with any questions and/or with the following:

-Cover letter (with desired internship position)
-3 Reference Contacts
-Available internship dates