Currently we work in two specific areas of Costa Rica located in the Central Volcanic Mountain Range:

is the second largest city and home to Costa Rica's largest international airport.  Alajuela's nick name is the "Mango Lovers." This is where we attend a local church and offer our Language Center. Alajuela is centrally located with access to either the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans, the northern highlands and Nicaragua or to the south and Panama.  Alajuela is rich with culture, a central market, farmers markets, and all the conveniences of the city. In addition it is also a very safe city and you can often find young students late at night relaxing in one of it's many beautiful public parks.
Picture: Central Park of Alajuela

San Rafael de Vara Blanca is nestled between two large volcanoes and is a rural town with a total population of around 200 people and about 10 times more cows, as it is one of Costa Ricas foremost regions for dairy production.  ADE has a large farm that is located in an old growth private reserve cloud rain forest, along with an organic farm and a large home capable of hosting around 15 people. This is also where we are currently working to build our Creation Care Center. Vara Blanca is located on the continental divide and is one of the very few places in all of Central America where you get weather systems directly from both Oceans simultaneously.  This climatic phenomena allows for "explosive" biological diversity that makes it very unique nationally, if not in the World.