Organic Farm:
Costa Rica is known for its cutting edge practices in environmental protection. Unfortunately this does not carry over to food production and Costa Rica as a country is number one in the world for the use of chemicals (pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, and fertilizers) per kilo of food produced.  The people of Costa Rica suffer from one of the highest occurrences of colon cancer in the world.  ADE is using innovative, traditional, and simple techniques to help farmers have a different model for agricultural production. The farm is a living classroom, plus gives staff and visitors an opportunity to taste healthy and delicious foods. 

Development/Missions Training Center:
At the focal point of ADE and what we are trying to do is to live out the biblical instructions that Jesus gave to go with nothing. W
e are in the process of developing a center where people with a specific call from God to go and be a blessing to other communities are received, given room and board, and are taught how to reproduce the ADE model where ever they are called to go. This is absolutely free. We are excited to receive people from around the world and share best practices and lessons learned from mistakes of what we have learned since we began operation back in 2001 and have run 
all of our projects and supporting our staff without fundraising.  Are you called to go and be a part of the Great Commission? Or want to be of assistance to marginalized communities and interested to know how to do it without fundraising? Come and partner with us!
Creation Care Center:
Relate with our efforts in organic farming and community development is our Creation Care Center dedicated to the study and practices of how to be better stewards of the resources and the environment around us.  We offer many courses around the year concerning agriculture, environmental care, and specific biology courses concerning plants, insects, and birds.  We are in the process of creating lab space to facilitate
further research on the continental divide where our farm is located on. In addition we hope to have large dorm areas, common areas, cafeteria, and teaching classrooms in order to host all the activities in support of the Creation Care Center.
Watershed Rehabilitation Project:
Amazingly enough, the dirtiest river of all of Central America exists in Costa Rica. Fortunately, ADE has developed a simple but effective technique to harness local resources linked with educational facilities in every community to partner with our watershed rehabilitation project that also looks to simultaneously create bio-corridors to alieve the genetic stress of landlocked "island" animal populations. We are looking for Biologists who are willing to partner with us in order to transform communities and lead the way in this very important Creation Care project.

English Academy: 
Learning a second language gives a social-economic boost for people in Costa Rica. Our language 
academy uses small classes, hands on learning, and very affordable prices in order to help make the difference in peoples lives. We offer courses from young elementary school students to even amazing grandmothers in intergenerational classes!  Partner with us and use language education to help transform peoples lives.

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