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What Makes Us Different


We are a diverse group of educators and scientists with a passion for education and sustainable development. We are committed to ensuring that all of our courses have local influences and provide a positive local impact. We believe that an intercultural experience enhances opportunities for learning, self-awareness, and global education. In a world of increasing interdependence and connectivity, it is essential that students are given the opportunity to participate in intercultural experiences.

What also makes us different is that ADE is solely focused in Costa Rica. This allows us to concentrate all of our efforts on local connections, bringing each course the best that Costa Rica has to offer. Costa Rica is a country of diverse landscapes, ecosystems, development, and thoughts. It has so much to offer every course theme. With a focus on one country we are able to delve into each course theme like no one else can!


ADE has been creating personalized transformative education courses for schools and universities for over a decade.  Since our founding, we have developed exclusive relationships with local community partners making each course experience truly unique. 
Low Cost
ADE has the cheapest rates for international education trips in Costa Rica guaranteed.  We are able to do this by offering our courses at cost, with no hidden fees.  We are not a for-profit organization and we believe in the power of education and the development that happens, not only with the student, but what they in turn take back with them. As such we charge only what is need to cover our costs.
Impact on Students 
ADE is devoted to facilitating a positive impact though our experiential courses. Each course is rigorously designed to challenge students to think critically, approach issues from different perspectives, and personal growth.  With most of our courses, students contribute to community projects in collaboration with our partner organizations.  These projects always align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Learn by Doing
At ADE we believe in an immersive, experiential, and student-centered educational experience.  Through exploring Costa Rica through hands-on activities, interviews with locals, and then reflecting on those experiences, our students gain applicable skills such as cross-cultural competence, language acquisition, problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership. 
ADE is committed to the mental and physical well-being of all of our students throughout the entirety of the course.  Our trained facilitators offer 24-hour on-call assistance and support, and more.
Social Reinvestment
Here at ADE, we not only pride ourselves on providing excellent educational trips, but also in our reinvestment into the local community.  We do this through collaboration with local partners to develop long-term plans that address high-priority community needs.