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ADE groups are supported by a professional staff that is comprised of passionate educators, scientists, program directors, and community builders, all based at the ADE Campus in Costa Rica.

At ADE, our staff draws from years of experience in a plethora of skills and backgrounds. Through over a decade of offering engaging and authentic educational courses in Costa Rica, ADE has fostered connections throughout Costa Rica with farmers, schools, businesses, community members, and both local and national government officials that we incorporate into each and every experiential education course.

Throughout all courses, ADE Staff keep in close contact with groups, conduct group excursions, and guide groups through the learning process via discussions, activities, and reflections on their experiences.
Would you like to work with us?   We have many internships here at ADE to help you gain experience in your field!

Tomás Enrique Huxley Dozier Zahner
National Director
Geology (Occidental College, California), Math and Science Education (Holy Names University), International Development (Eastern University). Educator for past 28 years, is happiest when working with a shovel, fanatic of Gallo Pinto, Cafe Chorreado, tortillas palmeadas, and chilero.