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Course Themes

ADE's program themes give students the opportunity to explore Costa Rica through a specific lens.  We have worked with schools and universities across the United States and Canada creating customized education courses to meet each of their course visions.  

Our courses have ranged from themes including, but not limited to: development,
sustainable agriculture, language acquisition, business, sociology, biology, taxonomy, ornithology, environmental science, art, Latin American studies, etc.

 Course Components

Each ADE course includes several of the following components:


Learn about native wildlife, ecology, sustainability practices, and challenges to local environments.

Social Change

Recieve exposure to social issues and movements in Costa Rica.


Learn about development practices, challenges, and projects.


Have a unique oppurtunity to conduct research in a plethora of topics in Costa Rica.

Community Service

Work on projects in collaboration with our in-country partners and communities.


Receive formal language training and/or language practice beyond the classroom while exploring Costa Rica.


Gain exposure to local foods and food culture.

Outdoor Activity

Participate in hiking, trekking, zip-lining, swimming.


See wildlife in its natural habitat and/or by visiting conservation centers.


Visit one of Costa Rica's beautiful beaches.

 Sample Itineraries

Sustainable Coffee and Gender Equality

Sustainable Development

Social Studies