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ADE Virtual

The ADE Virtual platform is designed to give you an international experience from the comfort and safety of your home or school. ADE Virtual creates a learning experience through a diversity of digital means, enabling an increasing number of young people to enjoy a meaningful intercultural experience.  To do this, ADE has created two options for you as professors/administrators:


ADE's Virtual Course give students the opportunity to experience Costa Rica through a digital lens.  For those unable to travel abroad or wanting to broaden their virtual course profile, ADE Virtual is able to customize an online course to meet your vision.  



ADE's Virtual Symposium allows administrators and professors a way to offer their student body a way to connect with the global world.  Like Virtual Course, Virtual Symposium brings the international classroom to your school through a digital lens in a way that meets your desired vision.  We do this through a series of recorded video tours, live interviews, panel discussions, and more.