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Who We Are



Provide well-rounded and innovative experiential educational opportunities which are customized for each course, with guiding principles that can be utilized beyond the region.



Offer innovative, high-impact, and real-world opportunities to all students through experience-driven programs. Create high quality experiential education courses to deepen educational learning, respond to the needs of society, and contribute to community-campus relationships.


In pursuit of our mission, ADE values:

Experiential Education

Experiential Education is a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to learning, teaching, and leading that integrates direct experience with focused reflection for developing new knowledge, relevant life skills, and socially-conscious constitution.  The transformative potential of experiential education builds a student's professional capacity through autonomy, adaptability and resilience.


Place-Based Environmental Education

Through environmental education serving students in its surrounding communities, ADE serves its neighbors by providing them with knowledge and skills needed to care for the earth around them. ADE provides advanced knowledge and technical skills to equip students for lifelong service in protecting and restoring the natural world. Such knowledge and skills are then directed through volunteer outreach to our local area.

Direct scientific investigation of the natural world

Through its dedication to provide field-based courses and primary research experiences to undergraduate college students, ADE pursues new knowledge of how nature works, and how to investigate those workings in ways that lead to accurate understanding and authentic discovery.